Home Land Flooring Advice and Tips

Choosing Quality Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood floors are a timeless choice for your home's interior. This flooring option can enhance the aesthetics of the interior and provide highly durable results. Yet, there can be more to hardwood floors than a homeowner may realize.

Engineered Wood Floors Only Have A Veneer Of Real Wood

Engineered wood is the most affordable option for this type of flooring. These cost savings come from engineered hardwood floors having only a veneer of natural wood on the exterior. The interior of these floors will be filler material. Cardboard cores are a standard option, but higher-quality engineered floors may use cork. The use of a cork core makes these floors quieter and more comfortable. Despite these floors having a thin veneer of wood, they can still be highly durable and undergo the refinishing process.

There Are Numerous Finish Options For Your Wood Floors

Your wood floor's finish can have a profound impact on its appearance. For example, there are numerous different colors and shades of finish that you can use. These finishes may be red, brown, or clear. In addition to the color itself, you may also choose the lightness or darkness of these shades. You can see these possible options for yourself by visiting a flooring showroom.

Sealing Your Hardwood Floors Can Mitigate Staining

Staining is one of the biggest concerns a homeowner can have about their wood floors. Like most other types of flooring, hardwood can develop stains. However, there are protective sealants that can reduce the likelihood of deep stains forming. Applying these sealants every few years can be an option for ensuring that they continue to offer effective protection. If these stains do form, removing them requires resurfacing the hardwood floors. This process will eliminate any superficial surface stains that have formed over the years. While resurfacing is very effective, it can be disruptive. The floors may not be usable for a few days during this process. Also, there may be strong fumes and a lot of dust from this project.

Reclaimed Hardwood Floors Offer Unique Advantages

When choosing your new hardwood floors, consider the option of reclaimed wood. These materials are recycled wood from residential and commercial buildings. While it may seem unusual to use old wood for the new floors, reclaimed wood has undergone a comprehensive assessment to ensure it is in good condition. Furthermore, reclaimed wood flooring undergoes finishing and polishing to restore its appearance. These woods will have a rustic and weathered look that can work well with various interior designs.

To explore more options, contact a hardwood flooring service in your area.