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3 Tips That Could Help You Make The Right Choice In New Carpeting

Even if you need a professional to install your new carpet, you can still go to a carpet store and pick out the type of carpeting you want. This allows you to see different kinds of carpet up close and watch for sales so you get the best price. Here are three tips for picking out your new carpet as you compare options at different carpet stores.

1. Match Your Family's Lifestyle 

If you always have some kind of pet, you'll want pet-friendly carpet. Nylon is a good choice in carpeting for pets since it's used in high-traffic areas and is easy to clean. It's durable, so you can use stain-cleaning products on it. Olefin is also a good choice. It's so durable, it can even be used outdoors, yet is attractive enough for indoor use.

The pile is important to consider too. Cut loops are better than long closed loops since pets get their claws caught in long loops. This can hurt your pet, and it also shreds the pile and causes your carpet to age quicker. Also, consider choosing non-toxic carpet with low VOC outgassing since your pets spend a lot of time on the floor. Good carpet choices for pets are also good choices for kids.

2. Consider Plush Carpet For The Master Bedroom

You may need to match carpet to kids and pets throughout the rest of your house, but the master bedroom is one room you can splurge on beauty and comfort. Frieze carpet feels good on bare feet.

It's similar to shag-style carpeting, but it's easier to care for. It comes in classic colors, which you can compare at the carpet store. Plush carpet is romantic and helps keep your room warm. It also adds soundproofing, which is a nice benefit if your bedroom is upstairs.

3. Choose Colors Carefully

Instead of matching carpet to your furniture, it's best to choose colors that hide dirt. You'll still have enough color choices at the carpet store to find something that goes well with your home decor. Very light colors tend to show dirt quite easily, and that means you'll spend a lot of time cleaning the carpet. However, you don't want carpet that's too dark since it shows lint and tiny bits of debris easily, and it's frustrating to see things on the carpet soon after you vacuum.

Classic carpet colors in the tan range are popular and hide dirt and debris more easily, especially if you choose carpet that has slight variations in color. All carpet needs to be vacuumed and cleaned regularly though to protect the fibers and give your carpet a long life.

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