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Need An Affordable New Flooring Option For Your Home? Engineered Vinyl Plan Checks All The Boxes

Flooring is something that you have to look at every day in your home, and if you are getting tired of looking at your old and outdated flooring in the home, you can make a change on a budget. Not only can you make the change on a budget, but you can get a high-quality floor that looks modern and valuable.

Engineered vinyl plank flooring is an easy-to-find, low-cost flooring option that will completely change the look of your home. Here are a few reasons why this is an option worth looking into.


Engineered vinyl plank flooring is a more affordable option than traditional hardwood floor because it's made with recycled and engineered material. The cost of wood floors not only is more because of harvesting the wood, wood treatment, and transportation, but also because of the cost of installation. This is a low-cost product that you could install on your own at home if you have the skills.


The EVP floor is made to be more robust than other vinyl or engineered flooring products. There are multiple layers used to create a durable surface, including:

  • Top wear layer to act as a barrier from water, dirt, scratches, and wearing
  • Decorative layer that has the faux wood grain and stain of choice
  • Core of the floor that is built to be strong
  • Backing layer that is the barrier between the subflooring material and the floor core

These layers all combined will give you long-lasting and easy-to-clean flooring options that look like real hardwood.

Many Style Options

Just like traditional wood, engineered vinyl plank flooring comes in all different wood stains and grain styles. If you have a wood flooring style in mind to go with your home, you will be able to find the engineered version. Look at style trends but also consider a stain that can be timeless while you own the home.

The EVP is easy to clean and maintain. This is ideal for busy households and if you have a lot of traffic throughout the day at home.

Investing in the flooring in your home isn't just making your house look nice when people walk in, but it's also going to help improve the value of your home. Investing in your home allows you to make changes to keep the house modern and allows you to have pride in where you live. For more information, contact a company like Gene's Floor Covering II.