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Three Ideal Flooring Options For A Game Room

In any home, the game room can be one of the most popular hangout spots for the family. The children will enjoy playing video games with their friends in this space, the parents may enjoy hosting card and pool nights with friends, and the entire family can get together for various gaming sessions on rainy days. If you're setting up a game room in your home, you'll have a lengthy checklist of things to do. One item on your list will be to visit a local flooring store to decide what type of flooring you want in this part of your home. Here are three options that work well in a game room.


For many people, carpet will be the first choice as the flooring in a game room. It has a lot of benefits in this application. Its softness can make it appealing at times. For example, when your children occasionally lie on the floor while they play video games, they'll appreciate being on a carpeted surface. Carpet also does a good job of muting sounds, which is ideal if your kids are playing their games at a high volume. Additionally, there's no disputing the cozy vibe that this type of flooring offers, which is ideal in a game room.


Another type of flooring that you might want to consider for your new gaming room is cork. Cork flooring is available in a few styles, including self-adhesive tiles. This makes the installation process fairly easy, even for someone who doesn't have any prior experience with flooring installation. Cork is soft underfoot, and while it won't feel as soft as a carpeted surface, it can still be pleasant to stand on. If you have games such as pool, darts, and arcade games that require people to stand for prolonged periods, they'll appreciate the cushioned feeling of cork.

Concrete Tile

Concrete tile is a popular choice in many parts of the home, but you might not immediately think of this flooring material when you're creating a game room. This product can offer a stylish, industrial look to your game room—which may be a vibe that appeals to you. For example, if you add some ultra-modern furniture and some LED lighting around the room, you'll have somewhat of a futuristic environment that pairs well with concrete flooring tiles. Keep these flooring options in mind as you shop for the ideal type of flooring product for your new game room. Shop for these and other options at your local flooring store.