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3 Tips To Taking The Mess Out Of Home Renovations

More often than not, home renovations require making a mess before becoming beautiful. Here, you'll find a few helpful tips to get you through your home renovations with as little clean-up as possible during and after the completion of the project.

Dustless Floor Sanding Services

One potentially very messy step in renovation work is redoing hardwood floors. Hardwood floors may start out looking disastrous, but with a little skill, the right products, and some hard work, those hardwoods can be restored to their original beauty in no time.

Dustless floor sanding services do just that  — they sand the flooring without filling your home with dust. If you were to rent a floor sander from your local hardware store and attempt this step in the project on your own, you would surely fill your entire home with dust and spend the next several months removing it.

Another benefit of having dustless floor sanding completed is that it's done by professionals. If you don't know what you're doing, you could end up ruining the hardwood flooring by not moving the machine at an adequate speed or in the wrong patterns. This step will play a huge role in how well the finished product turns out.

Plastic Sheets and Self-Stick Velcro

One way that you can prepare your home for several projects scattered throughout the house is by closing each area off with a plastic sheet.

Rather than allowing the sides and bottom of the plastic to rest freely, pick up a roll of self-stick Velcro. Stick it to each side of the plastic and secure it to the doorway. When you need into the room, simply peel the Velcro open and close it securely behind you.

Tip: If you've already completed the painting step in any area, avoid sticking the Velcro directly to the new paint. Instead, get some painter's tape and line the doorway. You can then apply the Velcro to the tape and not have to worry about it pulling the paint off when the project is complete.

Rent a Storage Unit

You can have a small storage unit, or pod, delivered directly to your driveway. You can use this unit to store the things from your home that you will not be needing during the renovation. This prevents the items from becoming damaged and eliminates the need to move them around as the project progresses.

Talk with your local dustless floor sanding service professional. He or she will help you create a plan for your renovation that won't leave you buried in dust.