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Should You Refinish Your Floors Or Add Carpet?

If you are looking to make a big change in your home, the floors are a good place to start. You might decide that you want to refinish your hardwood floors, or you might be considering carpet. A variety of flooring options can make your home stand out in a beautiful and unique way.

Which option is right for you? There are four components of flooring that you should consider before you arrive at a final decision about your home.


Installing carpet is more affordable than installing new hardwood, but if you are thinking about refinishing your existing floors, you may have a lower price tag. Plus, refinishing your hardwood floors rather than adding carpet may improve the value of your home if you intend to sell in the near future. You may find that refinishing your floor, which only needs to occur about once a decade, is going to be the best choice based on cost and the value added to your investment.


If you are looking for a floor that's going to last, hardwood is likely to be the best choice. These floors can last decades upon decades, especially if you refinish and care for them. On the other hand, carpet has a relatively short lifespan in comparison.


In order to take care of your refinished hardwood floors, you'll need to sweep and mop regularly. You'll also need to continue refinishing them about once a decade. Refinishing floors may be an easier process than regularly deep cleaning your carpets. Just make sure that you aren't getting your hardwood floors wet or allowing them to grow mold, and make sure that you clean them regularly.


This is a subjective choice, really. Many people prefer the look of freshly refinished hardwood floors because it provides such a classy appeal. It can be difficult to achieve the same look in each room with carpet. If you want to make your home look a little more refined, you may want to stick with hardwood floors.

The Best Choice Is Up to You

Ultimately, what you do with your floors is a personal choice that you will have to consider carefully. While carpet may be an alluring idea, hardwood floors are always stylish and provide a classic look. Refinishing floors regularly is often the most you need to do to ensure that your home always looks the way you want it to. 

For more information about hardwood floor refinishing, contact a local flooring company.