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Repairing Problems Your Dairy Brick Floors May Suffer

Dairy brick flooring is an extremely durable style of flooring that will often be installed in workshops or other areas that need a very strong style of flooring. At some point, the dairy brick may suffer some damage that will need to be repaired to protect the appearance of the flooring along with its overall durability.  

Stains On The Surface Of The Brick Or Grout

The diary brick floors in workshops and other busy areas can be far more likely to develop stains over the years. These stains will be able to radically degrade the appearance of this area of the building. However, you do not have to let these stains ruin the appearance of your dairy brick floors as it is often possible to remove surface stains. The use of specialized cleaning solvents that can penetrate into the brick will be the first step that should be taken to remove these stains. However, if this does not work, it may be possible to refinish the surface of the dairy brick floors by grinding away the top layer so the stain is completely removed.

Cracked Or Crushed Bricks

Dropping heavy items or equipment on the dairy brick floors can lead to considerable damage occurring to them. In particular, the bricks may become cracked or even completely crushed by the force of this impact. When the bricks have suffered this type of extensive damage, they will have to be replaced. In addition to replacing the damaged brick itself, the grout will also have to be replaced. As a result, you will want to avoid that area of the floor until the grout has had the time to fully harden and cure. Otherwise, the brick could be dislodged by the weight of you stepping on it.

Crumbling Grout

The bricks that make up this type of flooring will be extremely durable, but the grout that holds the bricks in place can degrade far more quickly. When the grout has reached the end of its lifespan, it will start to crumble, which can lead to the brick shifting positions and becoming very loose. It is possible for the failing grout to be removed and replaced. However, this is a somewhat lengthy process. Those with larger diary brick floors may find that this process can take several days or longer to be completed. However, the new grout should last for several years before it needs to be replaced again due to wear.

Talk to a dairy brick repair contractor for more information.