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Tips For Removing Mobile Home Carpet And Sealing Your Flooring

An increasingly popular real estate move for many people deals with mobile homes. People are buying older model mobile homes for cash, then renovating them into the space they want. This helps keep costs low and allows people to own their own homes. If you are in this type of situation, you may want to remove any old carpeting and upgrade the flooring. Here are some tips for removing the carpet and preparing or sealing your flooring for your planned upgrade. 

Remove and Smooth

The first step is to remove the carpeting, but the second step is often overlooked or rushed through. The second step is smoothing the floor. This means removing all the staples and nails and making sure the floor is even and smooth. There are several ways you can do this. One is removing the nails and staples by hand and using sandpaper to smooth the floor. Another popular method is to use a palm sander and grinder. This will help remove the nails and staples as well as smooth out areas of the floor. 

Sealing the Floor

There are numerous issues your carpeting may be hiding on the floor underneath. You may have stains, odors, former water damage, or any number of other issues. You will need to repair any issues, such as soft wood or water damage. Once those are repaired, you will want to seal the area to ensure you have a significant reduction in the chance these issues will happen again. You can do this with a floor sealant paint that is marked as maximum strength. This means it will help to cover odors and stains. This will leave you with fully prepared and water-sealed flooring. 

Clean the Floor

You may think that it goes without saying you should clean the floor. The problem many people have is that they believe the debris is removed with a good sweeping. This may not be the case. You will need to make sure that the floor has been lightly mopped to help remove any dust or debris. The reason for this is that dust and debris can cause issues with your new flooring placement and the flooring adhesive sticking properly. You may also experience increasing numbers of air pockets if there's dust or debris on the floor. 

These are just a few of the tips that can help you prepare your mobile home flooring for new flooring upgrades. If you are ready to move forward with these plans, visit your local flooring supplier. They will have most of the items you need and can help you with choosing a flooring upgrade that fits your lifestyle and your needs.