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Three Benefits Of Cut Pile Carpet

When you shop for new carpet, you'll be aware of several terms that you perhaps haven't previously heard. It's important to talk to an experienced salesperson so that you understand each of these terms, as this can help you to decide which type of carpet to buy. One term that you'll almost certainly hear is cut pile, which is a popular type of carpet. This type of carpet flooring gets its name from how the carpet fibers are cut, rather than looped. Carpet that is looped is known as loop pile carpet. In a sense, cut pile carpet is similar to how the bristles of your toothbrush stick up. There are several reasons that you may wish to buy cut pile carpet, given its numerous benefits.

No Risk Of Snags

While a lot of people favor loop pile carpet, a big drawback to this style is how it can snag. When a pet runs across the carpet, its nails can catch in the loops and pull them or break them. Over time, this can give the carpet somewhat of an unkempt appearance. This isn't an issue that you'd have to worry about with cut pile carpet. Because this carpet's fibers aren't looped, there's no chance of anything snagging and causing damage. This makes cut pile a good choice if you have pets in your home.

Lush Feel

There are several different factors that can help a carpet to feel lush underfoot, but you'll generally find that cut pile carpet has a lush feel that can be desirable. The individual fibers of this type of carpet tend to be packed together tightly, which helps to create this lush feel. If you're looking for comfortable carpet in an area of your home in which you're frequently in your bare feet — your bedroom, for example — cut pile carpet can be a good option.

Tidy Appearance

Another benefit that you'll often appreciate when you have cut pile carpet in your home is the tidy appearance of this type of carpet. Some loop pile carpets have loops that are long enough that they may not offer the tidy look that you favor. For example, the individual loops can lay in different directions when you look closely. Conversely, the individual fibers in cut pile carpet tend to all point straight up, giving this type of carpet a formal appearance. Visit your local carpet store to learn more about cut pile carpet and browse some samples.