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A Vinyl Roll Flooring Project

Vinyl flooring rolls contain single sheets of vinyl that feature patterns or solid colors. Vinyl flooring rolls can be used to add a fresh look to the flooring in your residence. After purchasing some vinyl products, create a template for each floor and conduct prep steps that will support a seamless installation process.

The Purchase Of Vinyl Rolls

Vinyl printed and solid rolls can be secured to a plywood base layer. This type of layer can be added to the original flooring in each room that is being updated. First, you will need to know how much of a particular vinyl product you will need. Measure the length and width of the flooring. If there are permanent fixtures in the room, such as a vanity sink, you will not need to cover the part of the flooring where the item is located.

You will be using a utility knife during the preliminary phases. The utility knife will be essential when preparing a vinyl layout that will provide an exact match of the layout of the flooring. Keep in mind, many items that are already in the room can probably be removed while you are installing the vinyl flooring. It is best to purchase extra vinyl flooring rolls. This will ensure that if you make a mistake while using the utility knife, you will have enough vinyl products to cover the flooring. Vinyl products may be textured or non-textured and will be easy to clean.

The Addition Of The Subflooring And The Vinyl

Parchment paper or another thin type of paper can be used to create a template of the flooring. Use a utility knife to cut around fixtures that won't be covered with vinyl. Use your template when preparing the subflooring and the vinyl. The addition of a subflooring material will ensure that the vinyl lays flat. Subflooring will cover up inconsistencies in the surface of the floor. A thin plywood product should be cut to match the shape and size of the template.

After the subflooring has been installed, the template should be used to cut out a shape in the vinyl. If you are covering a large section of flooring, the vinyl will need to be cut into pieces. Use a straightedge and a utility knife to prepare each vinyl piece. An adhesive product that is designed for installing vinyl should be used when you are ready to affix the vinyl pieces to the floor.

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