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Restore Your Floors: Signs You Need To Sand Your Wood Floors

If your wood floors are looking worse for wear, it's time for some restoration work. You might think you need to replace your flooring, but that's not the case. You can actually refinish your wood flooring. This process begins by sanding the old finish off your wood floors. Sanding helps get your wood floors ready for a new finish. If you're not sure you need sanding for your wood floor, read the list provided below. Here are four ways sanding can restore your wood floor. 

Remove Scratches and Dents

If your wood flooring is covered with scratches and dents, you need to take action fast. Scratches and dents can undermine the beauty of your wood flooring. Luckily, you don't need to live with the blemishes. But, you also don't need to replace your flooring. You can have your wood floor sanded down instead. Sanding will remove the scratches and dents. Plus, it will get your flooring ready for resurfacing. 

Repair Water Damage

If you've got some water damage on your wood flooring, it's time to talk to a contractor about restoration. Sanding is the first step in restoring your wood floors. This is especially beneficial with regard to water damage. Some signs of water damage include cupping, water spots, and gray discoloration. You might think that DIY methods will remove the water damage.

That's not the case though. DIY methods can't remove discoloration or repair cupping. That's where sanding comes into the picture. Sanding will repair the water damage. That way, you can restore your wood floors. 

Remove Splinters

If your wood floor has started to splinter, you need to sand the surface. Splinters can injure delicate skin. They can also make it impossible for you to go bare-footed in your own home. That's why you need to sand the surface of your wood floor. Sanding removes the splinters that are getting stuck in your feet. 

Restore Finish

If your wood floor has lost its luster, now's the time to bring out the sander. You might think you can apply a fresh layer of stain to restore the finish. That's not the case though. Before you can apply a fresh layer of finish, you need to remove the surface of your wood floor. That's why you need to have your wood floors sanded down to the bare finish. Once the wood gets sanded down, you can restore the beauty with a fresh coat of finish. 

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