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Why Nylon Is A Good Residential Carpet Option For Your Home When You Have Young Kids

If you have toddlers in your family, comfort is an important consideration when choosing flooring. Young kids spend a lot of time on the floor playing, and while you might prefer hardwood floors in most of your living spaces, you might want carpet in your family room, bedrooms, and playroom. You may find nylon to be an excellent choice. Here's why nylon is a good residential carpet option for homes with young kids.

Nylon Is Durable

Nylon is one of the more durable types of residential carpeting. The carpet should last through your children's young years as long as you keep up with regular steam cleaning it. Nylon stands up to friction abuse, so it won't wear out very fast from foot traffic or pushing toys around on the carpet.

Nylon Carpet Comes In Several Colors

Nylon is one of the most popular types of residential carpeting, so it is made in a number of colors and patterns. You can also find nylon carpet in carpet tiles as well as traditional stretch carpet. You'll have plenty of options for decorating your playroom and bedrooms in child-friendly or traditional styles and colors.

Nylon Is Easy To Clean

Nylon is one of the easier carpet fabrics to keep clean because you can choose nylon carpet that has been treated at the factory with stain resisters. When applied at the factory, the entire carpet is coated and protected from stains, which is a better option than applying stain protectors yourself once the carpet is installed.

Besides cleaning spills when they happen, you'll want to have the carpet steam cleaned on the schedule recommended by the carpet manufacturer. That keeps the fibers in good shape and makes the carpet as sanitary as possible for your kids to crawl and sleep on.

Nylon Carpet Is Available In Low-Toxic Varieties

One concern with residential carpet is VOC offgassing and other forms of toxicity. When you're shopping for new carpet for your home, be sure to read the labels. Look for carpet that has low VOC outgassing mentioned on the label. Another thing to look for is the number of treatments the carpet has had.

Depending on the manufacturer and type of fabric, carpets might have pesticides, flame retardants, antimicrobials, and other chemicals added for improved wear. The fewer additives, the better the carpet is for kids and pets to be around.

However, you must also consider the installation method and carpet pad. Carpet padding and adhesives can also outgas. You may need help from a residential carpet store when choosing carpet, padding, and adhesives for your kids that have the lowest risk of outgassing.